Big Bratsk

Training For Employees Coming to End


New woodyard staff completed their training in mid-January. The specialists of Saalasti company have familiarized the production engineers and maintenance staff with the functioning of a bark press and chipper, whereas CEM company experts have demonstrated the principles of operation and maintenance of a chipper and wood splitter.

About 70 employees of the Fiberline have already been chosen to work on the new line. Along with the transfer of the employees and staffing, which are being performed in accordance with the schedule, a practical simulator-based training course and on-the-job trainings are being provided.

The last group of dryer operators has started their training. The employees of the Caustic Plant and the Turbine Area will complete trainings in accordance with the schedule. Maintenance personnel and cross-cutter operators have completed the theoretical course and proceed to the practical course on the new equipment under supervision of the Holtec specialists.