Wood harvesting

Within reforestation projects Ilim Group has planted over 2.6 million pieces of pine and spruce nursery in Arkhangelsk oblast


OOO IlimSeverLes, Ilim Group’s harvesting company in the Arkhangelsk Oblast, has reported on the results of its reforestation and forest cultivation projects. These projects were completed in the leased forests from May through October, 2010 and cost RUR 31.4 million.

Seedlings were planted over an area of 691 ha, seeds were sown over 213 ha, and reinforcement planting was performed over 512.1 ha. More than 2.6 million pieces of pine and spruce nursery stock were planted in the leased forests. 33,000 of these seadlings were planted using the ball-rooted planting stock. It is the first time that the experts of OOO IlimSeverLes have used this advanced reforestation method after having selected 11 ha of appropriate forest areas. The ball-rooted stock was first grown in special-purpose containers and then planted into the soil. Survival rate of such plantations is around 98%.

The experts of the Forest Management Department of OOO IlimSeverLes, jointly with the forestries, are currently working on the next year’s action plan. The scope of reforestation projects will increase due to the increase in the total area of leased timberlands.