Big Koryazhma

Installation of the New Paper Machine Equipment in Koryazhma is in Full Swing


The installation of equipment at the new PM site is in full swing in September. The present installation activities cover the press section of the PM, size press elements, electric pump units, screeners, refiners, repulpers, and the central lubrication system, while the installation of the headbox is already finished. Presently the heat recovery system is being built between elevations 12 and 17 m. The assembling of the machine hood steel structures is ongoing. This work is primarily performed in the evening and night time as during the day the contractor is focused on the installation of the PM equipment. The installation of cable trays was started in the power station and PM rooms. The large aluminum tanks to store starch for paper production were built. The next step will be to install equipment for starch cooking and supply to the PM. The main goal the construction and installation contractors are facing is to start up the paper machine in November.