Wood harvesting

New loading cranes were delivered to Ust-Ilimsk branch of Ilim Group


3 «Liebherr» loading cranes were delivered to the forest complex site of Ust-Ilimsk branch of Ilim group. These loading cranes employ the latest enhanced grip electronic control system. New machines will work with our new «SISU» tractor and trailer rigs as well as conventional trucks and rail cars. Weight-carrying capacity of new loading cranes — 7 tons, gripped wood volume — 0,8 m2, boom reaches 12 meters. «Liebherr» loading cranes have elevating cab, which can go up and down for 5 meters and turn 360 degrees. Enhanced flexibility allows for better loading and unloading of trucks and railcars. Inside the cabins one finds electronic controls, temperature regulators and air conditioning systems. The new loading cranes will shorten time of wood unloading, which will increase truck efficiency. During the periods when weather related road conditions impede wood delivery, the new loading cranes will move wood from storage to chip and other production areas.