Big Bratsk

Big Bratsk Key Equipment Installed at the Bratsk Branch of OJSC Ilim Group


Installation of the key unit for the new recovery boiler, a Metso Recovery Boiler drum, was completed as part of the Big Bratsk investment project. Preparation work for installation of the new steam drum began in July 2011; by end September the drum was in the design position. The new drum cost nearly 1 million dollars.

A boiler drum is one of the key elements of Recovery Boiler No.14. It is intended to separate the steam and water mixture into steam and water between the steam generator and the superheater. Water and steam are separated inside the drum by cyclones and drop separators.

Installation of the drum was complex, since it is the most heavy-weight single unit of the recovery boiler. The weight of the drum without its internal equipment is more than 86 tons, its height approximates 60 meters.

According to Mr. Paul Herbert, CEO of Ilim Group, "installation of the drum is a major milestone and starting the countdown to its completion".

Current state of project’s realization is 73%.