Big Bratsk

Project Progress Discussed in Bratsk


On September 20, 2012, a meeting on the project progress was held at the Bratsk Mill. The meeting was attended by the mill management and the managers of the Big Bratsk sites.  

It was underlined at the meeting that the average availability of the RB systems was highest under the project. The commissioning activities at the evaporation station and all required testing was completed. The superconcentrator and the first pair of rebuilt concentrators were put into operation. The second pair of rebuilt concentrators, pre-evaporator and tank farm are 90-95% complete. There are some pending matters related to the electrical and instrumentation at the tank farm but most issues have already been tackled. Almost all required documents for the fiberline have been obtained.  The installation work is in full swing, while the completed systems are being tested. All the work is within the schedule.

The same availability of the pulp dryer was achieved.