Big Bratsk

Ilim Group's and International Paper's BoD Chairmen Visit Big Bratsk Site


Zakhar D. Smushkin, Chairman of Ilim Group's Board of Directors, and John Faraci, Chairman of International Paper's Board of Directors, have visited Bratsk in order to assess progress under the Big Bratsk investment project.

John Faraci and Zakhar Smushkin visited all facilities under construction and met with Bratsk project managers. Currently the project is 60% complete. Zakhar Smushkin expressed his general satisfaction with the progress. "Of course, some things go very well while in some areas we are a bit behind the schedule," he explained. "And still I feel absolutely confident that we will meet the project timeline. It is for the first time that we are implementing such a large-scale project in Russia and in Siberia in particular."

John Faraci highly appreciated the performance of the project management team and said that they still had a lot of work ahead.