Big Koryazhma

Ilim Board Chairman Visits the Big Koryazhma Site


St. Petersburg - July 18, 2012 - Two days ago Zakhar D. Smushkin, Chairman of Ilim Group's Board of Directors, visited the site of the Big Koryazhma investment project. The main purpose of the visit was to assess PM7 construction progress. Paul Herbert, CEO of OJSC Ilim Group, and Marek Walkiewicz, PM7 Construction Manager, joined him to inspect the facilities.

Company management visited all areas of the new Mill, including the finishing building, PM area and PCC plant. Their attention was focused on the coater. The coater, which will enable the Mill to manufacture coated paper, is scheduled for start-up in mid-2013.

On the whole, Ilim Group management pointed out that the execution of the Big Koryazhma Project is within budget and on schedule.