Wood harvesting

Ilim Group to invest RUR 490 million in the Arkhangelsk oblast harvesting operations


In 2010 Ilim Group will invest RUR 490 million in its harvesting operations located in the Arkhangelsk Oblast.

As part of technical re-equipment of the forestry branch in Koryazhma which conducts logging operations in the South of the Arkhangelsk Oblast, 5 high-tech harvesting units, 10 Volvo trucks, and 16 KamAZ trucks were purchased in 2008. The branch also received 113 tractors, shift transportation vehicles and other vehicle types. Total investments in harvesting operations by the end of the year will amount to RUR 490 million.

Next year such investments in the Arkhangelsk Oblast are expected to nearly double, reaching RUR 857 million. These funds will be used to purchase over 150 units of new heavy-duty equipment, including 14 multi-operational units. Investments in harvesting operations are increasing due to the growing demand for wood supplies experienced by the Koryazhma Branch of Ilim Group, since one of the key objectives of this mill’s development is the increase in production capacity.

Ilim Group’s AAC in the Arkhangelsk Oblast is 1,745,800 cubic meters. Main harvesting areas are in the Kotlas, Krasnoborsk, Lena, Vilegodsk, and Verkhnyaya Toyma Districts.