Big Koryazhma

Russia's Printing Industry Leaders Visit the New Papermaking Facilities of Ilim Group in Koryazhma


On March 20-21 representatives of the Russian printing industry visited the new papermaking facilities of Ilim Group in Koryazhma. In the course of the visit potential consumers of coated paper which will be produced in Koryazhma toured the Big Koryazhma project site and met with the Company’s management.

Representatives of Russia's largest printing mills, publishing houses, as well as distributors of printing and specialty papers took part in this visit. This is the second event of this kind since the first introduction meeting organized by Ilim Group in November 2012 to inform its partners of the progress of the Big Koryazhma Project. Ilim Group presented to its guests the current production lines of Koryazhma Mill, the new paper machine built under the investment project, the finishing building, the finished goods warehouse, and the site where a coater is being built. Valery V. Antonishin, Koryazhma Mill Manager, gave a tour of the Mill and presented its products, whereas Alexander A. Pozdnyakov, Managing Director BU Ilim West, briefed the visitors on the progress of the Big Koryazhma Project.

The Mill tour was followed by a round table discussion of current trends in the Russian coated paper market and its development prospects through 2020 as well as Ilim's coated paper supplies to the Russian market.

Ilim Group plans to organize similar visits for its partners at least twice a year.