Big Bratsk

Progress at the Big Bratsk Site Reviewed


During the meeting held on October 18 Ilim Group's Bratsk Mill management and Big Bratsk project team reviewed the current status of investment facilities.

Recovery Boiler 14 (RB-14) systems are now more than 95% complete and commissioning is nearing completion. Commissioning of the evaporator is also going full swing. Almost all digester area equipment has been installed and near completion. Woodroom 3 systems are being tested and checkout status of certain equipment is 95%. Pulp dryer systems are being prepared for testing. The equipment in the mechanical sludge dewatering area has been fully installed and testing is 60% complete. Equipment water runs and piping installation are in full swing in the caustic area.

The process is supported by ongoing on-the-job training of employees at a number of facilities.