Big Koryazhma

OJSC Ilim Group has chosen the supplier of equipment for coated paper production


Within implementation of a large-scale investment project involving construction of a cut-size and coated paper production line in Koryazhma, OJSC Ilim Group concluded an agreement for upgrade and supply of the main components of off-machine coater. The main equipment supplier is Metso Paper OY (Finland). The start-up of the coated paper production is scheduled for the second quarter of 2013.

The future coater will have 2 stages and 2 walls. The purchased equipment includes a ValSizer size press, an OptiSoft Gloss calender, two energy efficient high-drying-capacity PowerDry Plus gas dryers and a WinDrum winder. Also a Metso DNA automation control system will be installed which comprises a quality control system (QCS), a process control system, an equipment condition monitoring system and also an MCS electric drives control system.

In addition, the upgraded coater will include a new coating color and pigments kitchen with ultrafiltraton and an integrated handling and wrapping line for paper rolls with a Metso wrapper. The new handling and wrapping line will provide handling and wrapping of rolls for both the PM and the coater. The PM will produce uncoated offset and cut-size paper and also base coated woodfree paper in the basis weight range of 60 to 170 g/m2.

It should be reminded that in 2010 OJSC Ilim Group started implementation of the investment project involving installation of a paper making machine in Koryazhma. Total project cost will exceed USD 270 million. The new paper machine will produce more than 150 thousand tons of cut-size and 50 thousand tons of offset paper per year. In the near future offset paper capacity is planned to be converted to base paper required to manufacture 50,000 tons of coated paper. While processing the base paper the Company will receive 70,000 tons of coated paper to be sold to consumers.