Wood harvesting

Ilim Group Proceeds With Its Forestry Machinery Purchase Program


The Bratsk Branch of IlimSibLes (logging enterprise of Ilim Group in the Irkutsk Oblast) received 28 Volvo truck tractors with Doll semi-trailers. This new batch of equipment for Ilim East Business Unit was delivered as part of Ilim Group's forestry investment program launched in 2008. The new equipment will be used for removing wood and delivering it to the Company’s Bratsk Mill. Drivers have gone through specific training to be able to operate the new machinery. The new equipment allows to significantly improve efficiency, reduce logging costs and substantially improve the operators' working conditions and safety. As of today the logging enterprises of Ilim Group in the Bratsk District have received a total of 166 units of equipment and vehicles. This number includes harvesters, forwarders, skidders, loaders, refuelers, bulldozers and motor graders. In the nearest months four additional KamAZ-based Kesla short log loaders will be delivered and, after a short while, eight Volvo tree-length trucks will come. This is a further development of the forestry machinery purchase program for Ilim East Business Unit, which also encompassed 91 unit of SISU trucks purchased and delivered in 2008 to operate in the Ust-Ilimsk District. The BU Ilim East forestry investment program makes a provision for delivery of more than 350 forest machinery units in 2008-2009, of which 300 have already been received by Ilim Group's locations. The remaining equipment will be delivered in the nearest months.