Big Bratsk

Ilim Group Keeps on Training its Staff to Operate New Equipment Purchased under the Big Bratsk Project


Ilim Group purchased a new Metso simulator for the employees to train and reinforce their skills of work with new fiberline equipment delivered under the Big Bratsk project. The simulator, installed in the training center of the Bratsk Mill, was tailor-made by Metso for Ilim Group. The simulator exactly reproduces manufacturing process of the new fiberline by imitating pulp cooking and reproducing washing and bleaching processes. Moreover, the simulator enables employees to exercise equipment start-up, shutdown and eventual emergency situations.

The new simulator will be used to train and upgrade skills of production engineers. Trainings include a basic theory course, a practical course to develop skills on the simulator, and an advanced theory course aimed to analyze emergency events, such as equipment failures and breakage, and provide subsequent emergency response.

This year, the company purchased similar equipment to simulate processes of recovery boiler. Staff training involving simulators is a part of the global staff training process developed by the company under the Big Bratsk project.