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Ilim Group To Provide Its Logging Companies With Cellular


Ilim Group and Orange Business Services (a company of a world leading communications operator France Telecom) have signed a contract to establish a corporate satellite computer network for the Group's 30 logging companies in Arkhangelsk and Irkutsk oblasts.

This will allow to provide the Group's companies remote from the telecommunications infrastructure with telephone and Internet connection, and enable real-time logging performance reports to the Group's central office. Data will be transferred real-time owing to the satellite access to the centralized corporate network. I

lim Group Deputy IT Director Maxim Stonozhenko said: «Access to prompt and timely information related to every production process on each object is crucial for the company. Cooperation with Orange Business Services enables us to solve a number of telecommunications problems ranging from the establishment of a corporate telecommunications network to providing satellite access to the network for the Group's remote objects».

Ilim Group also plans to unite its logging companies into an integrated corporate telecommunications system with a unified short numbering plan.