Wood harvesting

Ilim Group allocates nearly RUR 53 million for construction of forest roads in the Irkutsk oblast


In 2009 Ilim Group's logging enterprises operating in the Irkutsk Oblast (Business Unit Ilim East) allocated nearly RUR 53 million for construction of forest roads.

The contribution of ZAO ULiL to this effort amounted to RUR 33,9 million. These funds will be used to finance the completion of the next section of forest road near Tem (Bratsk District). A 30-kilimeter road leg was constructed here last year, and another 12 kilometers are to follow in 2009. Work is to be completed within the next three months.

OOO IlimSibLes earmarked RUR 19 million for repair and construction of forest roads. The bulk of the construction work has already been completed. The Badarma stretch of the road is finished, and construction of the Evenk stretch is underway.

The total length of roads used by ILIM Group for logging operations and wood transportation is 6,689 km. The length of the Company's forest roads is increased annually by an average of 100 km.