Wood harvesting

Ilim Group allocates nearly RUR 35 million for reforestation in the Irkutsk oblast


Ilim Group's logging operations in the Irkutsk Oblast (Bratsk and Ust-Ilimsk) started their annual spring reforestation efforts. In 2009 Ilim Group allocated nearly RUR 35 million for reforestation in the Irkutsk Oblast.

This year about RUR 10 million was earmarked for reforestation activities in Ust-Ilimsk. Seeding and planting is planned over an area exceeding 1,800 ha as part of the artificial regeneration program. This includes 232 ha prepared for planting pine seedlings. 1,488 ha will be used for tending of the earlier planted forest, and soil will be prepared over an area of 1,884 ha for the following year.

About RUR 25 million was allocated for reforestation activities in Bratsk. Artificial regeneration will be performed over an area of 1,121 ha. Natural reforestation will be promoted over an area of 8,711 ha, involving preservation of underwood (5,678 ha) and soil scarification (3,033 ha).

According to the experts, viability of plantations is 85 — 87%.