Big Koryazhma

Ilim Group trains personnel for a new paper machine in Koryazhma


Ilim Group trains personnel to operate a new paper machine in Koryazhma, Archangelsk Oblast (Big Koryazhma investment project). A group of workers of the Koryazhma Mill will be trained in major pulp and paper producers, Svetogorsk Mill in the Leningrad Oblast and Kwidzen pulp plant in Poland, which are affiliated companies of International Paper.

Operators for the paper machine and sheeter will be trained in Svetogorsk Mill, whereas maintenance personnel for folio sheeters will have a training course in Poland. The training time is 1 to 3 months.

Not only will this experience help the employees of Ilim Group to acquire the knowledge necessary to operate the new equipment, but it will also allow them to subsequently train their peers to operate this equipment.

Big Koryazhma is an investment project of Ilim Group involving installation of a paper machine in the Koryazhma Branch. The new paper machine will produce cut-size paper, offset paper, and, at a later stage, base papers for coated freesheet. The estimated project cost is USD 270 million. Construction is to be completed by October 2012.