Big Bratsk

Big Bratsk Facilities 95 Percent Complete


The main outcome of 2012 is 95% percent completion of construction and installation work at nearly all Big Bratsk facilities.

Mechanical installation, as well as the installation of electrical equipment and instrumentation at the environmental facilities, recovery boiler, evaporator and chemical water treatment station, is completed. Woodyard-3 is almost ready for commissioning. The commissioning of the cross-cutting line in the wood port, where all equipment had been installed, has been started. The commissioning of the Chlorine Dioxide Plant and Oxygen Plant will start soon. Mechanical installation in the Cooking Area is completed. Pipelines and cable lines are currently being installed in the bleaching area. Installation of electrical equipment, instrumentation and automation devices on the dryer is nearing completion. Work on the packaging line is underway. Construction work at the Caustic Plant is completed, whereas the mechanical installation is in progress.