Big Koryazhma

Vladimir Pekhtin, State Duma Deputy, Visits PM7 Construction Site


Construction of a new production line for cut-size and coated paper in Koryazhma continues to draw considerable public attention.
  Manufacturing of higher added value products will give fresh impetus to further economic development of the whole region and provide opportunities for logging, transport companies, goods and services providers, and other stakeholders. This particular aspect was discussed during the visit of Vladimir Pekhtin, State Duma Deputy, to the Koryazhma Mill last week.

Foundation for a new PM is being laid as planned.  First part of the PM foundation between axis 1 and 14 has been already built. Middle part of monolithic slab foundation is being reinforced at a rapid rate. Work is expected to be completed by the beginning of December to be followed by erection of building steel structures. 360 tons of steel elements have already been delivered on site. Delivery is done in the correct order for future installation.

Finishing building has the most complete look. On November 11, steelwork installation was completed and currently sandwich panels are being installed.        Excavators are working inside the building, loaders are rushing,  KamAZ trucks are supplying the gravel.  Foundation work is underway. Finishing work and installation of utility lines will follow.

Construction progress

•90% of the PM equipment is on site;

•95% of the finishing building equipment is on site;

• finishing building is complete,

finishing work inside the building started

• foundation work at PM section is nearing completion.

Upon installation of the first mounting rails erection of process equipment will begin.

construction of the coater building was started

• all documents were signed with Omea, leading producer of precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC), which will build a new PCC plant at the Koryazhma Mill.