Big Koryazhma

Members of the Board of Directors of OJSC Ilim Group Evaluated PM7 Construction Progress


On September 2, 2011 a meeting was held at the Koryazhma Mill of OJSC Ilim Group regarding construction of the new paper machine.      The meeting was attended by Zakhar Smushkin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ilim Group, Maximo Pacheco, Board member, Paul Herbert, CEO of Ilim Group, Alexander Pozdnyakov,  Deputy CEO/Managing Director BU Ilim West.

As they toured the site, board members and Company management were provided with comments from Yury V. Morgunov, Construction Director, and Lev Galperin, CEO of OOO Omega, the main contractor. To fully assess the progress, visitors went into different areas of the site, as several construction projects are being performed simultaneously.    The largest is construction of the future finishing building and PM foundation.   On the whole, senior management were satisfied with the progress on site.

According to Zakhar Smushkin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ilim Group, Board members monitor construction progress on a monthly basis. Just yesterday a regular meeting was held with a focus on this issue.  The next day the site was inspected by Maximo Pacheco, Board member. "Everything is going according to plan", said Zakhar D.Smushkin. — Process equipment has been delivered and the project now is entirely dependent on construction".