Big Bratsk

On January 13, Company Management Led by Paul Herbert, Ilim Group CEO, Visit Bratsk


On January 13, Company managers led by Paul Herbert, Ilim Group CEO, visited Bratsk at the start of the year to review construction progress of the main facilities of the investment project.   Jerzy Majewski, Deputy CEO/Bratsk Project Director, led a Mill tour.

The first area is RB 14 construction.  During each visit Company managers pay particular attention to construction of the Recovery Boiler.  Charles Hooter, Construction Manager, reported on work completed since the start of the year, current construction work and plans for the near future.  According to Charles Hooter, the key risks are consistently low temperatures, frequent stormy winds, and lack of skilled experts on site.  One of the main tasks is to close the building and install major equipment:  boiler heating surfaces, precipitators (installation of electrodes, conveyors, gas duct pre-assembly is being carried out on site), medium and low pressure piping, electrical equipment and instrumentation.