Big Bratsk


About the project

The construction of a new pulp mill in Bratsk is one of the largest investment projects in Russia's pulp and paper industry in the last 30 years. After the modernization, the Ilim Group's Bratsk Mill will become the largest and one of the most modern bleached softwood pulp production facilities in the world.

The new modern fiber line will significantly increase the output of the product which will be for the most part exported to the Southeast Asia. Also, the new fiber line will streamline production, increase efficiency, and make the Mill's cost position globally competitive.

Project scope

  • New recovery boiler 14 and modernization of recovery boiler 12
  • New concentrators and preliminary evaporators
  • New bleached softwood pulp line
  • New pulp dryer
  • New wood room
  • New chlorine dioxide plant
  • New oxygen plant

Location: Bratsk (Irkutsk Oblast)

Timeline: 2011–2013

Total investments: USD 800 million

Target capacity: 720,000 tons per year of market bleached softwood kraft pulp. The project will drive the total capacity of the Bratsk Mill to 1 million tons per year.


The project will increase the output of the Bratsk Mill to 1 million tons per year. The majority of the production from the new fiber line will be exported to China. Bleached softwood pulp is used to manufacture high-quality writing, printing, and drawing paper, and board. It is one of the most valuable and expensive types of pulp.

The new fiber line will secure the Bratsk Mill's leadership in bleached softwood kraft pulp exports to China. Today China is the world's fastest growing market for pulp and paper products and drives the global demand for pulp.